Furniture Factory Automates Production:

ABC Reoler Accelerates Growth with Robot Solutions from Manomatic

ABC Reoler, a part of the Danish Furniture Group, has taken a crucial step towards growth and success by implementing robot solutions from Manomatic. These advanced robots play a central role in the realization of ABC Reoler’s growth strategy.

In collaboration with Nicholaisen A/S, Manomatic has delivered customized robot solutions to ABC Reoler in Aulum. These robots constitute the heart of the company’s palletizing processes, which are crucial for efficiency at the end of the production line.

The chosen solution is based on Manomatic’s expertise and includes reliable and advanced KUKA robots. These robots are designed to handle ABC Reoler’s specific needs and requirements, including the handling of shelves and wooden boards for their renowned shelving concepts Quadrant and ABC Classic.

With the latest two ‘end of line’ solutions, we are now ready to face the market,” says Henrik Østergård, who was hired as the production manager two years ago.

The goal is to increase turnover tenfold

He is in the midst of a five-year turnaround at the Aulum factory, where one of the objectives is to increase growth from 10 million Danish kroner to 100 million Danish kroner.

“The factory is now fully automated. This also means that we have completed the biggest investment, so now production just needs to ramp up,” he explains, adding:

A robot is a lifelong friend. Employees are no longer worn out, and they come to work happier. It’s a win-win,” says Henrik Østergård, who is not concerned about humans becoming redundant as labor.

Carpenter Jeppe Goul has been very satisfied with the collaboration with Manomatic during the commissioning of the robot cells: “If there have been any issues, most of it could be resolved over the phone or through guidance on the tablet. Manomatic has been there when they, along with Nicholaisen and other suppliers, needed to commission the production equipment. Having a good supplier team and the ability to collaborate are crucial,” says Jeppe Goul.

Production Manager Henrik Østergård is working on reducing costs and increasing productivity.

With the latest two ‘end of line’ solutions, we are now ready to compete in the market.


The vacuum gripper’s various suction cups ensure stable handling of the MDF boards.